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Sound-Performances und Artist Talk mit Erin Sexton & Keiko Uenishi
Oben: Keiko Uenishi, CDL, Sound Performance; unten: Erin Sexton, Phase Space, A/V Performance

Zwei Sound-Performances mit anschließendem Artist Talk
Sonntag, 09.11.2014 ab 16.00 Uhr
Eintritt: 5 Euro (Spendenbasis)

16.00 – Einlass / “Open Preparation”
17.00 – Keiko Uenishi (USA/Austria/Japan), CDL, Sound Performance
18.00 – Erin Sexton (Canada), Phase Space, A/V Performance
19.00 – Artist Talk mit Erin Sexton und Keiko Uenishi

SONIC DIMENSIONS is a collaborative program by Erin Sexton and Keiko Uenishi. Both artists will investigate, examine, explore and challenge the space of OPEKTA through experiments involving with aural senses, sonic phenomena, spatial perceptions, energy and matter.

Erin Sexton (Canada) – Phase Space
Between ritual and experiment, phase space is an audio/visual performance that embodies the different states of matter and energy through sound. Erin Sexton searches for emergent sonic phenomena, creating complex feedback patterns and involving her own body in the circuit. Physical processes are amplified while a network of tactile electronics is interfaced with the chemical process of electrolysis, using salt solutions as signal processors while transforming their molecular structure. Each element is explored with microscope video, merged with stroboscopic symmetries of the future crystals that will form.

Keiko Uenishi (USA/Austria/Japan) – CDL: Ich bin hier im Raum, oder? (I’m in the room, or?)
Keiko Uenishi attempts to create a temporary aural environment in which your relation with a space may be shifted a little through her performance. CDL is an experiential/phenomenological sound-performance for redefining a space utilizing audio-feedback. Aesthetic aspects such as the material used for walls, ceiling, floors, columns, furniture, people, etc. serve as influential components. It ultimately challenges whether our general concept of “partitions“ should be considered as “divisions” or rather considered as “connectors” linking various components including us. She will examine the space at OPEKTA with objects and structures found on-site through feedback. Visitors are also encouraged to bring hollow-shaped objects in any sizes, which they would otherwise throw away as trash.

Im Rahmen von OPEKTA GOES MUSIC – auf Einladung von Verena Friedrich & Therese Schuleit.

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