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Gastkünstlerin im Juli/August 2014
Desearch Repartment

Opekta heißt die neuen Artist in Residence Jessica MacCormack & Thea Miklowski als Desearch Repartment willkommen.

Desearch ist eine Methodik, die das neoliberale Privileg durch die Beseitigung von Fakten, Zusammenhängen und Verantwortung ausübt.


Desearch is a methodology that exercises neoliberal privilege through the removal of facts, context and responsibility. The Desearch Repartment embraces careerism and economic/cultural hegemony, while highlighting modes of value recognition and revealing how to absorb, neutralize and commodify themes of social justice and political dissent. Our anti-disciplinary processes quantify the art world on its own terms using formulaic art making, constantly fluctuating terminology and signposts of success as our mediums.

With our workshops, active participants will harness these powerful tools to colonize creativity authentically and create identity, currency, and social connection prototypes. The monetized and instrumentalized social and cultural capital of participants form the core structure of post-relational value systems. With the unveiling of Status Quo™ people entitled to success will have exclusive access to innovative artistic material that integrates easily across multiple mediums and platforms. Like an exciting reality tv show, Corporate Creativity Workshops for Art offer the rewards of accessibility or the frightening possibility of symbolically having your human worth questioned or eliminated. It’s Quantanamo Day!

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