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Roman Jungblut is a sound and media artist working mainly in Cologne. They work alone as well as part of interdisciplinary, artistic / musical projects and groups.
Since 2004 they have been realizing media art and spatial installations – partly in public spaces – as well as compositions for film, multimedia and stage productions.
In their works, Roman focuses on themes such as identity and technology, as well as social, cultural and personal fears and tensions.
In addition their artistic work, they are strongly engaged in sociocultural activities and actively involved in other community-oriented associations and projects, such as the Kulturhof Kalk, GENAU e.V. or at Ebertplatz, Cologne.


PASS, 2019, Roman Jungblut und Claus Daniel Herrmann
off_watermarks, 2021, Roman Jungblut
The Circle of Life-Cycles, 2022, Roman Jungblut und Claus Daniel Herrmann
Art So White, 2021, Roman Jungblut
Wirfschein, 2020, Roman Jungblut
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