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Kate is a mixed media artist, with a current focus on video, sound, performance and drawing. She also curates spaces, events and sometime people. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Westminster, London 2006 – 2009. Her work has included encumberingly large sculptures, instructions to the public, intervening gently with nature and documenting daily movement. Her work concerns itself often with the more mundane, overlooked side of life, including routines, statistics, rules and the often peculiar activities of humans.

Kate’s work has been exhibited in various exhibitions online, in the UK and in Germany, and she has curated exhibitions and festivals online, in England, Scotland and Germany.

'Day Eight', 2012, 21x15cm, Pen and Graphical Paper
‚We’re reviewing what is important to us‘ Kate Hattley, Video 2:40, 2016
'This video is about Zwiebeln' Stop Motion Video, 2016
'Waiting to go hard' Wax, 2009
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